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Registration Dept

The Guernsey Kennel Club maintains its own registration records independently from the UK Kennel Club. Registration of your dog is a completely separate matter from you joining the Club as a member. If you intend to show your dog its registration must be completed at least one week before the date of the show.

If your dog was born in the Bailiwick, your breeder should have completed the registration formalities, and you need only transfer ownership to your name. Your breeder should have given you the form for this. If you wish to show in the UK as well your dog will need to be re-registered with the Kennel Club.

Dogs imported from the UK are usually already registered with the Kennel Club (UK), but must be re-registered with the Guernsey Kennel Club if they are to be shown here. For this, we need the KC Owner's Certificate (given to you by the breeder), a three generation pedigree (not the five generation pedigree suggested by the Kennel Club as this does not provide registration numbers), a completed import form and registration fee.

If you are considering breeding a pedigree litter within the Bailiwick and are unfamiliar with the GKC rules on registration you should contact the Registrar.


When endorsements are added to a dog's registration documents, a signed and dated contract must be obtained. This contract should be signed by both the breeder(s) of the dog and the new owner(s), and should explain why the endorsement has been placed, and under what circumstances (if any) it would be removed.

The contract must be signed at the point of sale, and there should be two copies – one for the new owner(s), one for the breeder(s).

For help and information on all matters relating to registration,
please contact the Registrar, Mrs Lynn Ozanne (252904).

Download registration form here.

Click here for a full list of registration forms and fees.

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