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Prix d'Honneur

The system and scale of points have been carefully devised to ensure winners are worthy of the title. Points are awarded at the three Guernsey Open Shows - Spring, Autumn and Winter. All dogs must be Channel Island registered. Sixty points are required to win this award. Wins as puppies are also counted. To ensure a dog will not be imported for the sole purpose of winning the award it must have been resident and registered in the Islands for twelve months. Points will be awarded during this time but a claim cannot be made until this period has elapsed.

Owners must keep a record of each dog's wins. Record cards can be purchased from the club. All claims must be made in writing giving the following details: date of show, show title, judge, dog's ring number and name, class no, place awarded, points won and the running total.

The claim should be forwarded to the official recorder.
Please contact Mandy de la Cour for further information.
Points Allocation - 60 points required
Best of Breed/AVNPC

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

AV Open Dog 1st
AV Open Dog 2nd 
AV Open Bitch 1st
AV Open Bitch 2nd

Best in Show
Reserve Best in Show
Third Best in Show
Fourth Best in Show
Fifth Best in Show
Sixth Best in Show
Seventh Best in Show


She will verify the claim to the Committee's satisfaction, after which a framed certificate with the dog's photograph will be presented. The photograph must measure 5" x 7", which approximates to A5, be in colour, with the dog alone and in a show stand. Following Committee approval, the owner may use Pd'H after the dog's name when entering all Channel Island, UK and foreign shows, also on all documentation relating to the dog. A Prix d'Honneur also entitles the dog to lifetime Crufts qualification.

Hall of Fame
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