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Who's who
Mrs Chris Bligh
The Bounty,  Salines Lane
St Sampson's, GY2 4FL
Tel: 01481 243322

Married to Jerry for more years than he cares to remember; two daughters, Jo and Toni, and a growing tribe of grandchildren.

Club Member since 1956, but offering to sell raffle tickets in 1975 really started it all: Social Committee 1978, Social Secretary 1979-86, Treasurer 1987-2004, Vice-President 1993-2004, President from AGM 2004, Show Manager from AGM 2005.

Breed: Labradors, closely followed by Newfoundlands and Miniature Schnauzers.

Beginning of show career: Aged 11, with a Pekingese, Too-Loo of Ifield, under Mrs Thelma Gray.

Other interests: Reading, gardening, listening to music, but not modern - Mantovani, Melachrino, James Last.

Vice Presidents

 Lynn Ozanne, Kevin Cochrane
Hon Secretary
Mrs Linda Sharpe
Kermouster Cottage
Le Bouet
St Peter Port   GY1 2AW
Tel: 01481 712229
Hon Treasurer
Miss Natalie de la Cour
21 Le Neuve Rue
St Perter Port  GY1 1SF
Tel: 07781 424918


Mrs Lynn Ozanne                             
Eturs Lodge, Les Eturs
Castel, GY5 7DT                                   
Married to David; two children each and two lovely grandchildren.

Joined the Club in 1982 on her arrival in Guernsey. Was on social committee, then became Show Secretary, ringcraft organiser and unofficial social secretary.

Breeds: Owned Corgi, Sheltie X, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever, Spanish Water Dog. Bred Labrador Retriever, English Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel.

Beginning of show career: 1978 with an English Springer Spaniel.

Other interests: gardening, walking, photography, horse events (riding when she has the chance), shooting (only at targets), crosswords, listening to music (usually classical or rock), having fun with the family.

Assistant Registrar   Mrs Pam Smith
Show Manager

Not filled.

Trophy Steward
Linda Smith

Trophy Steward 
Pam Smith
Show Secretaries

Mrs Linda Sharpe
Kermouster Cottage
Le Bouet
St Peter Port   GY1 2AW
Tel: 01481 712229

Ms Rachel Martel
Water Lanes
St Peter Port   GY1 2EQ
Tel: 07781 193850

Social Secretary 
Debbie Ingrouille

Social Committee
Not filled
Assistand Show Secretaries

Pauline Morgan
Mandy Haynes
Louise Simmons

Committee members

Denise Billington, Sammie Bowring, Barbara Sebire, David Turner, Jodie Trebert, 
Sue Gamblin, Derryn De Carteret, Olga Deane
Jeannine Tanquerel, Jenny Renouf

Hon Veterinary Surgeon 

Complaints Committee
Carolyn Le Poidevin, Wendy Marshall, Adele Malpas
Adrian Deane, Jeannine Tanquerel

Hon Life Members
Pat Gaved, Jenny Renouf, Art Le Page, Yvonne Windsor

Other Contacts
Ringcraft   Denise Billington (01481 239736)
       Matches  Debbie Ingrouille (07781 154305)

Junior Handling   Sammy Bowring (07781 107705) and Chrissy Le Moignan (01481 711352)

Website  Anne Vaudin
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