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Supermatch Qualifiers 2019
All dogs winning their class in matches held from 
the Christmas match 2018 qualify for the 2019 Supermatch.

Dogs over the age of two holding a CC, RCC or PdH, 
or that are Group Winners or Jersey Champions, enter the "Top Dog" class 
at matches. They do not qualify for the Supermatch but compete against 
each other under their own points system.
Match No 3 - March 2019

Class Winners
Tina Gordan’s Shih Tzu, Teddy
Rachel Martel’s Cocker Spaniel, Rivva
Louise & Shannon Simmons’s Pug, Peppa
Julie Robert’s Rough Collie, Logan
Chrissy Le Moignan’s Tibetan Terrier, Merlot
Michelle Robilliard’s Shih Tzu, Bella 
Derryn De Carteret’s Cocker Spaniel, Alice
 Pam Smith & Lynn Ozanne’s 
Welsh Springer Spaniel, Ceren 
Renabel Simon & Linda Smith’s Papillon, Fern

Adult Handler
Ginny Heaume
Match No 2 - February 2019

Class Winners
Teena Gordon’s Shih Tzu, Teddy
Louise and Shannon Simmons’s Pug, Peppa
Sharon and Gareth Far’s German Wirehaired Pointer, Zen
Michelle Robilliard’s Shih Tzu, Bella
Sharon Bunce & Sara Sarre's Long Coated Chihuahua, Taco
Katie Wyser’s Tibetan Terrier, Charlie
Shari Bennett’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chester
Val Dowding’s Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Nara
Louise and Shannon Simmons’s Boston Terrier, Dexter

Adult Handler
Jodie Trebert

Match No 1 - Christmas 2018

Class Winners
Nicola Brouard’s Alaskan Malamute, Pepe
Louise Simmons’s Pug, Peppa
Olga Deane’s French Bulldog, Rey
Tina Gordon’s Shih Tzu, Nellie
Chrissy Le Moignan’s Tibetan Terrier, Merlot
Bettina Yabsley’s Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael, Echo
Katie Wyser’s Tibetan Terrier, Charlie
Linda Smith’s Papillon, Fern
Lynn Ozanne’s Spanish Water Dog, Quinta

Adult Handler
Natalie de la Cour

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