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Olga Deane
"A house is not a home without a dog" - that's my motto! I have grown up in a house full of dogs, different types of breeds, and my love for them just grew from there. My involvement with dogs began with obedience training from the age of 14 at the Island Dog Training Club, when my mum rescued two Staffordshire Bull Terriers. To build a bond with them, I began the weekly classes with the help of my mum, who shares the same love and passion for dogs as I do.

I somehow always knew within myself that my ultimate dog was a French Bulldog. Frenchies are a perfect companion dog, they are very adaptable, compact, have those lovable squishy faces and they aren't very active, and that's just me all over!
BUT, my first dog was a Yorkshire Terrier called Rooney. I rescued him from the UK and at the time he was already 9 years old. My mum always preferred a bigger dog and by growing up with big dogs, I could tell what type of dog my personality and lifestyle suited more.

I wanted a breed that I could have as a small best friend, be loyal, adaptable, that I could take anywhere with me and that didn’t need much exercise. When the opportunity came to rescue Rooney, my mum was in full support. Rooney and I bonded through training and became inseparable right through his adult life. He sadly passed away in September 2018 at the age of 16.

I was introduced to showing by again, my mum, who saw the love and passion that I have for my first French Bulldog, called "Obi". I completed the puppy training course at the Island Dog Training Club and from there I didn’t want to stop our training but I wished to do something different - I began ringcraft classes on Sundays, and after seeing how much Obi loved the catwalk, I became a member of the Guernsey Kennel Club and entered him for his first Spring Open Show in 2016, and there I discovered the world of dog shows.

I think many people have come to their breeds the way I came to mine. They have that one pet dog that they love beyond all loving, and that leads them to the breed of their choice. It then inspires them with a genuine desire to improve the breed they have come to love so much and to show the world just how wonderful their dogs are. And soon, before they are even aware of it - the show bug has bitten them!

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