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Junior Handling
Junior handing ringcraft classes, where you can learn how to handle and 
present your dog in the show ring, take place most weeks through the year.

Your dog must be a pedigree breed, 12 months or over, and it must be registered with the Guernsey Kennel Club, but this is easily done (click here for more information.) 
 If you don't have a dog of your own, we may be able to arrange for you to borrow one.

If you're interested in dog handling and are aged between 6 and 16, please contact:
Miss Sammie Bowring (07781 107705) or Mrs Chrissy Le Moignan (01481 711352). 

Junior Handling Results 2016 - 2017
September 2017               Autumn Open Show               Judge: Mr P Walker
6-11 years
1st Sophie Bowring - Shih Tzu (RBJH)
2nd Porscha Rault - Papillon
3rd Alana Evans - Tibetan Terrier
4th Iren Heaume - Clumber Spaniel
5th Sarah Raines - Cocker Spaniel

12-16 years
1st Samantha Whalley - Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd Megan Lucas - Pug

Sophie Bowring

Samantha Whalley
August 2017           Supermatch Series Match No 7          Judge: Mr R Woodhouse
6-11 years
1st  Sophie Bowring  - Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd  Alana Evans - Tibetan Terrier
3rd   Iren Heaume - Clumber Spaniel

12-16 years

July 2017          Supermatch Series Match No 6          Judge: Mrs C Le Moignan
6-11 years
1st  Sophie Bowring -  Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd  Porsche Rault - Papillon
3rd  Katelin Simmons - Whippet
4th  Ada Simmons - Papillon

12-16 years
1st  Megan Lucas - Pug  (RBJH)

June 2017          Supermatch Series Match No 5             Judge: Miss N de la Cour

6-11 years
1st  Katelin Simmons - Whippet (RJBH)
2nd  Ada Simmons - Papillon

12 - 16 years
1st Sam Whalley - Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd Megan Lucas - Pug

May 2017                               Spring Open Show            Judge: Mr Ryan Woodhouse   
6-11 years
1st  Porsche Rault - Papillon (RBJH)
2nd  Ada Simmons - Papillon
3rd  Sophie Bowring - Lhasa Apso
Res  Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu
VHC  Alana Evans -Tibetan Terrier

12-16 years
1st  Samantha Whalley - Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd  Megan Lucas - Pug

May 2017          Supermatch Series Match No 4             Judge: Mr K Cochrane

6-11 years
1st Porscha Rault - Papillon (RBJH)
2nd Sophie Bowring -  Shih Tzu
3rd Ada Simmons - Papillon
= 4th Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu
             Alana Evans - Tibetan Terrier

12 - 16 years
1st  Samantha Whalley - Shih Tzu  (BJH)
2nd Megan Lucas - Pug 

April 2017          Supermatch Series Match No 3       Judge: Miss Paige Le Moignan

6-11 years
1st Sophie Bowring - Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu
3rd Porscha Rault - Papillon
4th Alana Evans - Tibetan Terrier
5th Ada Simmons - Papillon

12 - 16 years
No entries 
February 2017                            Members' Show                  Judge:  Mrs C Marett
6-11 years
1st  Porscha Rault  - Standard Dachshund (BJH)
2nd  Sophie Bowring  - Shih Tzu
3rd  Ada Simmons -  Papillon
4th  Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu
12-16 years
1st  Megan Lucas - Pug (RBJH)
February 2017          Supermatch Series Match No 2           Judge: Ms S Cooper

6-11 years
1st Porsche Rault, Min LH Dachshund (BJH)
2nd  Sophie Bowring, Shih Tzu
3rd  Katelin Simmons, Shih Tzu
4th Alana Evans, Tibetan Terrier
5th Ada Simmons, Papillion
12-16 years
1st Samantha Whalley, Shih Tzu (RBJH)
2nd  Megan Lucas,Pug

December 2016    Supermatch Series Match No 1      Judge: Mrs A Robert
6-11 years
1st  Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu  (BJH)
2nd  Ada Simmons - Papillon

12-16 years

Off Island Results
LKA Championship Show, 6-11 years:  2nd - Sophie Bowring
The 2016 Supermatch          Judge: Mr P Galvin

6-11 years
1st  Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu (BJH)
2nd Porsche Rault - Min L/H Dachshund
3rd Sophie Bowring - Rottweiler
Special Ada Simmons - Papillon

12-16 years
1st  Samantha Whalley - Shih Tzu (RBJH)
2nd Megan Lucas - Shih Tzu
30 October 2016                     Winter Open Show                   Judge: Mrs Jo Mauger
6-11 years
1st  Sophie Bowring - Rottweiler (BJH)
2nd Porscha Rault - MIn L/H Dachshund
3rd  Katelin Simmons - Shih Tzu
Res  Ada Simmons - Papillon

12-16 years
1st Megan Lucas - Shih Tzu (RBJH)
2nd Samantha Whalley - Cocker Spaniel

 Annual Trophies
Guernsey Can Trophy for the Best Junior Handler of the Year:  Porscha Rault
Claire Blondel Memorial Trophy for the Most Improved Junior Handler of the Year: Megan Lucas

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